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Branding for Jessica Hulderman; Post-partum Doula, Doula and IBCLC

Role: Sole Designer

Nested offers a unique service that often goes overlooked when families are expecting-- care for the mother. Nested is dedicated to providing quality post-partum care for new mothers, including lactation consultation.


Business owner Jessica Hulderman is a licensed doula and specialized as a post-partum doula. When establishing and launching her business she needed help with both naming and visually representing herself. 


Nested uses a Russian Matryoshka doll to tell a story of a woman who cradles and cares for both mother and baby. The color palette was chosen by Hulderman, who wanted colors that were soothing and comforting. 


Due to the higher level of detail in the logo, the logo is comprised of three parts which can be separated out depending on their best use. The mark (dolls), the logo (Nested) and the purpose statement (below logo). 

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