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Impact Magazine

Michigan Technological University, School of Business

Role: Art Director, Designer; Marketing Department, Inc.

Impact Magazine was typically produced by the in-house marketing team at Michigan Technological University, however during 2015 they were bogged down and sought out Marketing Department, Inc. 


The magazine was aimed at alumni of the business school. It served to keep them updated on changes around campus, significant alumni and upcoming graduates of note. 


My role on this project was to take input given by the head of marketing at MTU and the creative director at Marketing Department, Inc. to execute the magazine with a team of two other designers. 


Our process began with sketching the layout of each spread roughly. From there, we began laying out the content. We began analog in order to ensure that the spreads were remaining cohesive and the progression made sense visually. 


I both directed design and was heavily involved with the final execution of many spreads. I was responsible for taking feedback from the client and from the creative director and communicating feedback back to the team. 

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