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Body Type

An Analysis of Fat Identity and Fat Bias in Graphic Design

Role: Researcher, writer and designer

Body Type is comprised of two parts. The first part is an extensive body of research connecting the essential relationship between the human body and the written word, connecting that written word to humanism, and later connecting humanism to fundamental ideas that shape human-centered design.


The second part is the typeface Body Type, which serves to support and expand upon the research. Body Type is based on the proportions of my body and was developed using a grid method initially developed by French humanist Geoffroy Tory.


Body Type seeks to infuse fat identity into the landscape of graphic design-- an industry where it has been systematically rejected by the ‘less is more’ mentality from modernism onward. It is the radical acceptance of the idea that if form is to follow function, then function needs to become form.


While this example is a personal endeavor, it has and will continue to shape my professional practice for the foreseeable future. 

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